Ho un’esperienza decennale nel web design.

La mia nuova avventura è il motion design.

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WIP – Keyframes Space Corps #KSP

Work in progress :: Keyframes Space Corps

A sneak peek from my next personal project in progress.

Keyframes Space Corps is an fictional space army of freelance motion designers that fight against their deadlines and tax payments… more details coming soon!

I made the models and the 3D animation by Cinema 4D and Sketch & Toon plugin, then I have drawn VFX frame by frame animations for smokes and fires by Adobe Animate CC. I have composed those elements in After Effects and I have studied a workflow to apply a set of textures on lights and shadows, plus other effects such as chromatic aberration.

Keyframe Space Corps logo

—  2D compositing test on 3D models

—  Preliminar gallery to study the 2D compositing workflow




Personal Project