Ho un’esperienza decennale nel web design.

La mia nuova avventura è il motion design.

Puoi contattarmi scrivendo a

Secret project ;)

Secret project 😉

​​​​​​​Last year I was called by Motuum to work at our first big video content, for a fashion brand. 
Sometimes you can’t show the best projects, due to customer needs. However, I am showing you some assets I designed (the video was for internal use, I have modified the assets to eliminate any reference).
The original project was closed at the start of 2021 and it was huge for me, with a lot of camera tracking and 2D compositing, classic motion graphic and  a big part of 3D animations. It was made in Cinema 4D (and its physical engine).
So this is something like a teaser of these sections. Enjoy 🙂
Visit the showcase on Behance

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Concept and production ::


Art dir / 3D / motion ::
Mauro Mason