Ho un’esperienza decennale nel web design.

La mia nuova avventura è il motion design.

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Keyframe Space Corps

WIP – Keyframes Space Corps #KSP

Keyframe Space Corps WIP - A sneak peek from my next personal project in progress. I made the models and the 3D animation by Cinema 4D and Sketch & Toon plugin, then I have drawn VFX frame by frame animations for smokes and fires by Adobe Animate CC. I have composed those elements in After Effects and I have studied a workflow to apply a set of textures on lights and shadows, plus...


DISCLAIMER: This video has not commercial purposes. It is a “for fun” tribute. Superdry® brand is property of their respective owners. I'm exploring Cinema4D + After Effects + Trapcode Particular. I love SuperDRY logotype and typography so I played with it + a lowpoly Toyota Celica homemade....